Why to choose Stilus for Android Mobile Applications?

We develop Android applications on all Android platforms, on time and with the highest quality.

We carry out designs after detailed research on the market and competitors by prioritizing the user experience.

We provide support for submitting the application to the Play Store, before and after dissemination of your mobile application.

After dissemination of the mobile applications, we provide maintenance support services to run smoothly, without any problems.

All these features enable us to offer our customers Android applications at high quality and standards.

How do we develop Android Applications?

We stand by our customers from the idea stage to dissemination of the mobile application to end users. We adopt transparent and effective communication at all stages of the project, and we care about cooperation in all areas.

In line with the requirements, after analyzing the market and competitors, we develop the application that will provide the best user experience by using agile methodologies.

Agile Development with Scrum

In most cases, we believe that the Scrum methodology is one of the best practices for mobile application development and we use it in all our projects.

In this way;

  • The development process is carried out in short iterations. Thus, all stakeholders have visibility and control over the process.
  • All tasks are collected and prioritized in a single document the Backlog List.
  • Backlog items are handled in 1-2 week Sprints.
  • After each sprint, the outcome of the sprint is shown to the customer (Demo).

What are the benefits of Scrum for you?

  • You have visibility and control over the application development process by observing which tasks are completed and be launched.
  • You can change the priorities of the items on the Backlog list and respond to the demands of your market or your users/customers in the fastest way possible.
  • After each sprint you will see the outcome of the sprint. You can “touch” the application.

As a result, development of Android applications becomes clear, visible and transparent for you.